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Where a satisfied customer is our most valuable asset!

LUMACO has been servicing the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries for over 40 years.

After selling LUKSANO / BRUSSELS -a dealer in turn-key dairy installations in the Benelux countries to APV / England in 1960- Sam Luksenberg started LUMACO in the US in 1961. Partnering with old friends in Holland and England, he designed a line of valves which has been expanded over the years to continue to fill our customers' needs.

Our focus today is still to give you a quality product, readily available, and priced fairly. To that end, we have always maintained high inventory levels, and aimed at shipping within 24 hours to you or your customer.

We are a small company, and take pride in our great service to all customers - no matter how small or large - PEOPLE! not machines, answer your phone calls because you - OUR CUSTOMERS - ARE OUR MOST VALUABLE ASSET!